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The womens national team is a very successful team, and that success has given us a platform to speak on gender equity issues.

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ESPN looks at the potential strategy options for the Brazilian Grand Prix. Womens Bengals Jerseys .Wet weather on race day morning means the teams slick-tyre strategies are likely to go out of the window. After a scorching hot Friday the teams understanding of the tyres at Interlagos is skewed given the 17C air temperature on Sunday morning, but the forecast is likely to mean the intermediate and full wets become the tyres of choice.On the off chance it does dry up ahead of the start of the race, the key to all strategies will be finding the balance between using the soft and medium tyres over a two-stop strategy (the hards are essentially redundant here, unless you are trying a one-stop).Pirelli recommends that the following numbers of laps are not exceeded on each compound:Hard = 38 laps Medium = 35 laps Soft = 18 lapsAnd on this basis, the possible pit-stop strategies predicted by Pirelli are as follows:QUICKEST Three-stopper: 3 stints on soft of 15 laps + 1 stint on medium of 26 lapsSECOND-QUICKEST Two-stopper: 1 stint on soft of 15 laps + 2 stints on medium of 28 lapsSLOWEST Two-stopper: 1 stint on soft of 15 laps + 1 stint on medium of 26 laps + 1 stint on hard of 30 lapsAlso possible One-stopper: 1 stint on medium of 33 laps+ 1 stint on hard of 38 laps It was telling that none of the teams used intermediate tyres during the damp start to final practice and instead opted for the unfavoured full wets. This was a strategy to save all four sets as inters for the race in the event that the conditions are mixed, while still having two sets of new full wets available. Should the track dry out, the drivers have the following slick tyres available. Pink Bengals Jerseys .com) - Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray and Roger Federer were easy first-round winners Tuesday at the Australian Open. Throwback Bengals Jerseys .Y. -- Syracuse has turned up the defence at the right time all season, and when High Point threatened to pull off a monumental upset the second-ranked Orange did what they do best with their quick hands and savvy play. . LOUIS -- St. Shrink it and pink it is a phrase that rings all too familiar with female athletes and sports fans alike. When it comes to both performance and casual gear, often were left with shrunken versions of mens models with no thought paid to our body types -- or sneakers so wide and flat that were forced to add our own insoles. And lets not get started on all the glitter and rhinestones that often accompany womens gear.This issue even extends to World Cup champions and Olympic gold medalists. Until now, members of the U.S. womens national soccer team wore cleats that were made on a male last (a mechanical shoe form in which shoes are built upon). The arch placement, height, traction and cleat size were all built for a male athlete and merely shrunk down to womens sizes.But on Tuesday, Adidas launched two new cleats -- the X and the Ace -- engineered specifically for the female soccer player, and developed thanks to direct research and feedback from national team members. U.S. co-captain Becky Sauerbrunn wears the Ace cleat, and has been working with Adidas on the new design. She talked to us about what the new cleats will mean to soccer players, both on the field and off, and gave us an update on what shes doing this offseason.espnW: How does it feel to finally have not only one, but two, female-specific cleats to play in?Sauerbrunn: It feels a little like about time! Ive been working with Adidas for a few years and theyve always empowered female athletes. This was a logical next step in the evolution of the womens game -- a cleat made exclusively for the female foot and adapted for our movement on the field.espnW: What were the most important areas of the cleat that you felt needed to be changed to make it more tailored to the female athlete?Sauerbrunn: Up until this point, womens cleats were built on a mens last. They were simply sized smaller and given a different colorway to distinguish them as a womens cleat. The physiology of our feet and our bodies are completely different! The new cleats have a lowered silhouette and collar height. They have shorter studs which are in a different configuration to better match how we move on the field.Ive been providing feedback on Adidas cleats since I began working with the company. I always had a critique or two on every iteration of the Ace and X up until now. I frequently told them the cleats were too wide and my feet were slipping, or that the collar was too high and cut into my ankle bones. The womens Ace, the style I wear, fits snug around my foot, and the lowered collar gives me the freedom of movement I want when I play.espnW: Have you noticed a change in your performance in these versus the previous models that you played in?Sauerbrunn: I train and play pickup soccer at Adidas and they oftentimes want me to try out new boots. Usually I warm up in them and then go back to my latest broken-in pair. When I wore these for the first time I didnt have to change them out. They felt game-ready from the beginning. When Im on the field I dont want to be wworrying about my cleats. Cheap Bengals Jerseys. I want them to enhance my playing style. That allows me to focus on the game and on giving my best performance.espnW: Youve chosen to wear the Ace cleat -- why is it the right fit for you?Sauerbrunn: Its a boot built for control, so the cleats mimic my playing style. The leather forefoot provides comfort while also helping my first touch. The X is built for speed. The synthetic upper is more lightweight and helps players feel like theyre not wearing any cleats at all.espnW: Of all the new and specifically engineered parts of the Ace cleat, what do you think makes the biggest difference?Sauerbrunn: The different stud configuration has added a new level of comfort. As women, we put pressure on our feet differently than men do. The adjusted stud configuration accommodates those pressure areas and more evenly distributes it throughout the outsole. A lot of sport is being comfortable with being uncomfortable. We push our bodies so hard, its nice to have a little added comfort.espnW: When you train off the pitch, what sort of sneaker do you like to wear?Sauerbrunn: I tend to rock the womens Ultra Boost for longer runs. I have a pair designed by Stella McCartney that are running shoes but feel more like slippers. If Im doing cross-training with multi-directional movements I wear the PureBoost X.espnW: Whats your typical offseason training routine like?Sauerbrunn: A lot of everything! Its a time to develop and add elements to my game. During the season the team focuses more on the next opponent and less on individual development. So I take offseason time to watch game film, notice any patterns or repetitive mistakes, decide if Im making those mistakes because of my decision-making or technique, and then work on correcting those things.I continue to lift and work on movement skills, but my focus on conditioning goes way down. So less physical impact and more mastery of technique and tactics.espnW: Your team is so synonymous with greatness -- do you like that pressure to perform?Sauerbrunn: The womens national team is a very successful team, and that success has given us a platform to speak on gender equity issues. Millions of young women play soccer in this country and its empowering for them to see that our contribution to the game is valued. That if they aspire to the highest level of their craft, their efforts are as inspiring as any mans and not just an afterthought.Thats what Im proud to showcase with these womens cleats. We arent an afterthought. We play different, move different. We deserve a boot that reflects that. Success doesnt motivate me as much as integrity does. Everyone loses. I enjoy the pressure of showing up every single day, being focused, putting forth my best effort, getting the best out of my teammates and enjoying the journey. Weve been so successful because we have players who value that over everything else. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' '

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